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DeCew Falls, Ontario

Fall is nature’s own way of celebrating the passing – a tribute to our friends and families that are no longer with us.

When death touches us, it is never a pleasant experience especially if the ones that left were most dear to us. Despite all the rationalizing and the doctrines surrounding nature’s circle of life, for a lot of us, these moments of departure are unequivocally met with sadness and deep reflexion. We will be missing thousands of great encounters, opportunities of laughter, joy, redemption, mind and soul searching, anything that family or friends have embraced and helped us with through our lives, while shaping the growth and maturity of our personalities. After all everything we touch and love becomes at some level an integral part of our persona. Then if this is indeed the essence of our existence, the sadness that we experience is obviously connected to the realization that that part of us will never be here to be experienced, ever again. It’s like watching our own death a bit at a time and yes, that physical part is gone for good!

Lately, our circle of friends or acquaintances has experienced quite a few fatalities within a very short period of time. Although death must occur every second of our existence as a part of the renewal process, we have a tendency to be forgetful or immune to it until it knocks on our own door, until it visits our own circles.

How do you handle this? So many gone?

We all go about things differently, but let me tell you what I do:  Anytime I’m struggling with something, I push a series of walks into my system. I trek through the wilderness, trails, parks, or whatever retreats I can find close by. My intention is to walk, breathe (can’t forget that) and experience the many fragrances and sounds that we are encircled with. I take notice of all the surrounding harmonies; I immerse into nature; and I allow it to transform me.

More often than not, while in an ‘exodus’ mood, I make a point to take at least a pocket camera, so it is safe to say that I always carry some kind of an image grabber while going about my daily routine. Many interesting and one-of-a-kind images I missed by being camera-less, but it is still OK as I realize I’ve been given a chance to experience these moments in a much different and perhaps more intense way. It’s all good, I can still talk about it, right?

Here we are surrounded by these luscious and radiant colours of a season in full bloom. The Autumn foliage, red and gold is nature’s tears of joy for the performance of another year.

As most trees are depleted of their leaves, as they fall on the ground, as they become part of the soil that will nurture them one more time back to their lives, they do it in the most sublime way – a symphony of an exuberant and elaborate array of amazing colour. Well, this really makes me think! What better way to remember our friends and families than to praise them for the importance they had in our lives and for the souls that will continuously be lived through us. After all we do become a part of what we touch. There it is indeed, the Circle of Life.

In my treks, I’ve come upon this stunning site and I couldn’t help but to reflect on the significance that every deceased person has had shaping who I am through this continuum of life and death. Nature has taken me there, and in my humble intentions, I sincerely hope this image will do the very same for you – glorify the passing. It is a gift to you all, in memory to the ones that once played (and still do) a very important and unique roll in all our lives.

All the best


The image, Circle of Life, can be rendered at full resolution so you may use it as you please and that includes printing of a poster style reproduction up to 16×24 inches – personal use only. If you are interested just e-mail me at “” requesting the full size as I can not render it within this blog’s format. I will take care of it immediately unless I’m somewhere in the woods. Happy walks…
12 Oct 2012