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A word on blogging


Back in 2007, I knew I had a need to express myself in a bigger way. I set out to find an outlet to my photographic skills or ideas, that could be much more interactive than anything else I had previously experimented with. The idea of blogging, although as much as it fit the task I had in mind, seemed like a lot of work . Still, I went ahead and opened an account with a host, just in case I felt adventurous. After some fear and hesitation, three years later, I took the plunge!

I must confess, as excited as I am, it has been quite a learning experience, and one that I’ve approached more with feel than logic, hoping it would work. Amazing how your perspective changes in relation to most new projects, as soon as you jump in and get your feet wet.

Wow, just a short couple of months from the designing stage and launching date, and despite all the work it took to make it happen, I am absolutely thrilled with the results and the acceptance that I’ve had from my friends and family. A word of thanks and great appreciation goes to everyone that encouraged me through their comments and personalized emails. And for those that are considering getting into the world of blogging, please don’t wait as long as I did. You will be doing yourself a favour as well as all of us potential followers — we could be sharing your ideas and knowledge at a much earlier date :).

Now that I got this out of the way, I will leave you with a few images. These were all taken with my P&S Canon G10, during a short walk from Downtown Brampton. I usually cut through a soccer field, and to the west side of it, you normally find a lot of heavy machinery used in the grooming of the nearby City Parks. Rusty surfaces always provide interesting patterns and textures that offer plenty of material for one to explore: a perfect opportunity to nourish the concept of design, as it keeps your senses in tune.

This is a busy and exciting time, leaving hardly any room to attend to certain duties :), but it will change. Log in for the next couple of weeks or so, as I have a lot to tell and show you. The highlight will definitely be my great experience with “The Lithuanian Song Festival”. Images from this beautiful event will follow as well. Till then keep pushing that trigger.

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Posted by admin on July 16, 2010
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  1. 07/20/2010

    Just vewing your Blog it inspires me to get started. Your pictures always have a lot of depth. Interesting graphical colours.

  2. 07/20/2010

    You take things I never noticed before and make me notice them. The simple beauty in them. Thanks, Rui. 🙂

  3. 07/21/2010

    Thanks Kelly, the greatest reward for an artist is the knowledge that his/her work has achieved a purpose. Hopefully, I can bring a deeper awareness to the beauty of our surroundings as a catalyst to evoke and sustain the will of change.


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