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the making of a logo

I just want to take a minute and share with you how I’ve arrived at the design of my business logo. Being kind of a control freak in regards to my personal vision, I had no alternative but to take this task under consideration and see what I could come up with. I will give you an introduction about where I’m coming from, with the attempt to bring some meaning into all of this. Here it is:

Since the year 2000 my photographic interests have changed considerably, where the natural world or should I say the ‘great outdoors’ became the ‘atelier’ of my preferred choice. Our ‘Blue Planet’ has been consistently my daily inspiration, and every chance I have, I will embrace it by trekking through its peaks and canyons or by paddling over rivers and lakes.

I am fascinated by every drop, every sound, every breeze… even a stroll by the trails of High Park or a simple morning walk in my backyard, (while sipping on a good cup of coffee), is quite a liberating experience. All is continuously changing, all is in a state of renewal, endlessly stimulating my vision. The credit goes unquestionably to the Creator for this certain ‘allure’ that confines us.

In the midst of it all, I am just a catcher of nature’s ultimate score. My input translates merely on how I recognize or decide to mix the components of an already existing powerful image. And such passion promotes the developing of a keen eye to observe and render this special light into elements of a beautiful image – thus the meaning of ‘painting with light’.


Annapurna Circuit – Nepal

ATELIER – Studio
AZUL – Blue for Sky and Water. Water covers 70% of our Planet
DOTS – The three primary colours (Red, Yellow, Blue) being captured by the U in AZUL, symbolic of a test tube, cup or mixer for the light spectrum
PAINTING WITH LIGHT – ‘Light’ is the primary component of the mix. Without light, there is no image!


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Posted by admin on June 4, 2010
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  1. 06/6/2010

    Hey Rui,

    I love your design, clean and simplistic. I like your explanation of your logo …leaving room for an individual interpretation.

    The Napal photo is stunning and the photo of the young boy brought a smile to my lips.

    Nice work … can't wait to see more.



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